Kim Kang-woo searches for memories and a murder in Circle’s new teaser


Kim Kang-woo searches for memories and a murder in Circle’s new teaser

Upcoming sci-fi mystery drama Circle has released another cryptic, intriguing teaser featuring one of the main characters, played by Kim Kang-woo (Goodbye Mr. Black). The story takes place in two timelines—2017 and 2037—with Yeo Jin-gu (Jackpot) playing a college student in the present when aliens arrive on Earth, and Kim Kang-woo playing a police detective in the future where the world has been divided into two territories: utopian “Smart Earth” and another “Ordinary Earth” that’s still filled with suffering.

I can’t say that it’s a very informative teaser, but the landscapes shown are so breathtakingly shot that it made me feel like I was watching a clip from a nature documentary. It starts with Kim Kang-woo’s back to us while he faces the seaside with large crashing waves and tension-building music in the background. Then the scene switches to a green moss-covered woodland, with eerie bird calls being heard. And the scene switches again and again like he’s searching the desolate Earth for a clue or a pattern.

Kim Kang-woo’s voiceover says: “In a world where emotions have been eradicated, there’s been a murder that should not have occurred.” Flashes of a burnt evidence case file and of someone in a gas mask go by. Perhaps they’re Kim Kang-woo’s own memories because at the end, he thinks to himself, “Wait for me. I will remember.”

Monday-Tuesday alien dystopia drama Circle will begin airing May 22 on tvN.