Actress Ku Hye Sun Makes Thoughtful Donation While Recovering From Her Own Illness


2017-04-25 09:02:47
2017-04-25 09:02:46

It was relayed that Ku Hye Sun, who is still recovering from her own illness, has donated money towards pediatric patients with rare and incurable illnesses.

On April 25, her agency YG Entertainment said, “Her health is much better so there are no issues with her everyday activities, but she continues to receive outpatient treatment.”

Earlier, media reported that she had donated 10 million won (approximately $8850) to a pediatric hospital on April 28. The agency confirmed, “It’s true that she made a donation to pediatric patients. She did not want it to be known.” They added, “It was something that she wanted to do quietly.”

Ku Hye Sun was hospitalized in March after having being diagnosed with anaphylactic allergic shock and had to leave her role in the MBC drama, “You’re Too Much.”

How amazing of her! We wish her well in the rest of her recovery.

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