2017-04-28 10:19:25
2017-04-28 10:19:25

Actor Gong Yoo shared his honest thoughts about social media.

During a press conference before a fan meet in Taiwan on April 28, he was asked by a fan, “Why don’t you use social media?”

Gong Yoo began, “First off, I don’t like taking selfies. When I go somewhere, I’d rather be looking at the sights with my eyes rather than take pictures.”

He explained, “Part of the reason why I don’t use social media is that because it’s to show people, some parts of it will not be genuine. It makes me uncomfortable to show things in a packaged way like that.”

He then added, “Everyone will have a different opinion on this. This isn’t about good or bad. These are just my personal feelings.”

What is your stance on social media?

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