Chae Soo-bin signs on to be Strongest Deliveryman’s leading lady

Chae Soo-bin is currently busy playing strongman Hong Gil-dong’s lady love in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, but she’s already signed on to be Strongest Deliveryman’s leading lady next, which means she’ll go right from one drama set (and one strong man) to the other. That’s nothing but good news to me since she’s a talented young actress with range and natural charm, and I’m glad to know that she’s being offered more leading roles since following Moonlight Drawn By Clouds with Rebel. I kind of even miss the days when she played the teenage hellion mean girl in Sassy Go Go, because she was just that good.

Strongest Deliveryman is KBS’s upcoming human drama from writer Lee Jung-woo of Joseon Gunman and PD Jeon Woo-sung of Heaven’s Promise and Oohlala Spouses. It’s an uplifting story about “dirt spoon” part-timers at the very bottom rung of the job ladder: jajangmyung delivery workers. The hero’s name is Choi Kang-soo (choi kang means “strongest,” hence the title), and the drama is about his life as a jajangmyun delivery boy and his growth and success, which of course includes romance. Yoon Shi-yoon (Mirror of the Witch) was originally courted for the part, but he ended up taking variety hybrid drama The Best Hit, which will precede this drama in KBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama slot.

Chae Soo-bin will play Lee Dana, a jajangmyun delivery girl who dreams of escaping “Hell Joseon,” aka contemporary impossible-to-find-employment Korea. She cares about nothing else except making money, and turns down all courtship advances from men, preferring to walk her own path. She sounds practical and driven, and I like the possibility that the hero would have to try repeatedly to win her over. I’m sad that it won’t be Yoon Shi-yoon, but on the upside, now we get to play the fantasy casting game.

On top of her new drama, Chae Soo-bin has also signed on to star in a KBS drama special called If We Were Seasons, described as a fresh and innocent youth melodrama. It comes from a junior PD-writer team from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds—PD Kang Soo-yeon and writer Im Ye-jin—which is why Chae Soo-bin agreed to the role. The more Chae Soo-bin, the better, I say. Now if we could just get her character in Rebel to reunite with her giant manchild husband sometime this year…

Strongest Deliveryman will follow The Best Hit on Fridays and Saturdays beginning in July.

Via Joy News, Star News


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