IU is such a mature and thoughtful person!

On April 29, KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired an interview with the popular solo artist, where she discussed various topics like her latest album “Palette,” and changes over the years.

When she was asked about her goals for 2017, IU humbly replied, “My goal was to release a full album without any problems, and I’ve done that. I’m living with a thankful mind for everything. If I expect more, I feel like I’m being greedy. I only wish that I can continue living unscathed without experiencing any incidents.”

The singer also explained how thankful she was for the extremely positive response her album has been receiving, and revealed how she carefully figured out and organized her current thoughts through “Palette.”

Now that she’s 25 years old (by Korean reckoning), IU also reflected on the changes she’s noticed within herself. “I’ve become a lot more comfortable, and there aren’t a lot of things that make me mad. When I think about why that is, I believe I’ve become more aware how to control myself,” the singer explained.

Are you enjoying IU’s latest release?

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