Producers of Heartless City, I Hear Your Voice prep new drama for MBC

So, we’ve got another new drama in the works, this time over on MBC. According to reports, the previously empty slot following upcoming Ruler–Master of the Mask has been filled by Man Who Dies to Live, and will precede Ha Ji-won’s Hospital Ship which has now been pushed to late August.

The little plot that’s available sounds wacky, but in a good way: Man Who Dies to Live will be a fun family drama about a daughter and her father, who one day reappears as a count from a faraway kingdom, and their story will explore the true meaning of family. It’s not apparent whether the drama will take place in a modern or sageuk setting, or even whether it’s supposed to be in the reality we live in, but the plot certainly sounds unique and almost outlandish, so I’m hoping for some comedic hijinks along the way.

I’m cautiously optimistic because the drama will be made by the same production company behind Queen of Housewives, Heartless City, and I Hear Your Voice, which were all solid shows. Directing is PD Go Dong-sun, who also worked on Queen of Housewives, and whose other credits include Me Too, Flower and Sly and Single Again. The writer is a big question mark because the article only gives a name; one Kim Sun-hee’s only credit is a drama special called Still Picture back in 2012, and a different Kim Sun-hee was a junior writer on Records of a Night Watchman. I’m holding out hope that whoever it is can deliver a feel-good, heartwarming show about an estranged father and daughter learning to become a real family.

Man Who Dies to Live has yet to announce any casting offers but is set to air at the beginning of July, so chop chop people.

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