The two main conflicts are resolved one after another in the final two episodes of “Three Color Fantasy – Vivid Romance” starting with the most important one- the relationship between In-seong and So-ra. Much as we’ve had time to reflect on who In-seong and So-ra are as people and how they relate to one another, so too have In-seong and So-ra realized that they really miss each other. It’s only realizing the inadequacy of their substitutes that In-seong and So-ra can truly appreciate this.

Not that there’s anything all thata awful about Tae-i and Moo (played by Kim Min-soo). Indeed, Moo’s big problem is just that he’s kind of…bland. Yes, Moo is on a successful career track where his lack of personality could definitely be seen as a good thing for the right kind of girl. It’s just really obvious that this girl isn’t So-ra, whose ambitions are set higher than Moo especially cares for. Not to worry- one way or another Tae-i and Moo do manage to get a happy ending.

Ji-seob is in more ominous territory, what with how the experimental drug test goes. Incidentally, director Park Sang-hoon-III did a really good job of bringing “Three Color Fantasy – Vivid Romance” down to earth. Sure, initially the drama seemed like high concept science fiction, because from In-seong’s perspective that’s how the drug works. But when reality sets in, the most amazing success in life means nothing if you can’t share it with the person you care about.

Even after getting back togetehr with So-ra, In-seong doesn’t really get this. And of course So-ra feels increasingly horribly guilty. Her impulsive break-up created some awful feelings of inadequacy in In-seong. Now he’s left wondering, does So-ra really love him, or was it just that his jealousy ploys were too successful? Does this mean that In-seong has to be ultra-competent forever going forward or she’ll just throw him away all over again?

The wonder drug is just a metaphor for this feeling of inadequacy. As usual, the answer lies solely in the hearts of In-seong and So-ra as they’re left to wonder what it is that they really want in life. As a love story, “Three Color Fantasy – Vivid Romance” manages to be profound most distinctly in its layers of subtlety, showing how a break-up can make a relationship stronger over the long-term. It’s a powerful second act for the overall “Three Color Fantasy” series.