Just recently, Lee Min Ho has confirmed that he will be enlisting in the military for two years. Because of this, his fans are extremely disappointed and sad, knowing that they won’t be able to see him on TV or in the movies for the next two years.

Reports claim that before his military service starts, Lee Min Ho is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend, Suzy Bae. There are also speculations that the Korean couple is not really that excited and happy with the upcoming military service of Lee Min Ho.

According to Korea Portal, it is possible that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are experiencing separation anxiety. This might be the reason why the news regarding their possible wedding resurfaced.

Knowing that Lee Min Ho won’t be around in the next two years, it makes perfect sense for him and Suzy Bae to finally marry each other. But then again, these rumors remain as mere speculations as there is no official confirmation coming from the two that this is indeed what they are feeling or planning.

It has also been reported that Lee Min Ho has just been through with his latest and final commercial before he begins his two-year military service. There are even leaked editorial photo shoots that suggest the details of the couple’s wedding plans.

According to Celebeat, it might be that the leaked photos were intended for a recent fashion magazine guesting of Lee Min Ho. For now, the couple’s fans can’t help but expect the best scenario, and that the two would finally be marrying each other and tying the knot before Lee Min Ho enters the military.

It would be best to wait for any confirmations before creating conclusions. Whichever the case is, let’s wish Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae the best of luck.