Kim Soo-hyun fights to become the Real in action noir film

After two impatient years of waiting, we finally get to see Kim Soo-hyun’s (The Producers) comeback project, action noir film Real. Set in an opulent city, Kim Soo-hyun plays a vicious underworld “fixer” with sky-high ambitions of becoming the ultimate lord of the dens of vice.

The teaser opens with Lee Sung-min (Memory) asking Kim Soo-hyun’s character: “So Mr. Jang Tae-young, what is it you do exactly?” Flashes of the glittering city with all its excessive extravagances are seen, from showy sports cars to glamorous models. Kim Soo-hyun swivels around in his chair as Sung Dong-il’s (Hwarang) voiceover says: “I like this guy’s fighting spirit.”

Impressive aerial kicks and stunt scenes by Kim Soo-hyun are shown in quick clips, and the copy reads: “Only the real will gain it all.”