Psy Confesses of Being 'Conceited' After 'Gangnam Style' Success


On Wednesday, May 17, Psy appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Radio Star”. During the episode, he admitted how he became arrogant after “Gangnam Style’s” success.

As reported by All Kpop, Psy confessed himself that he actually became cocky after the massive success of “Gangnam Style”. The video currently holds the most number of views on YouTube with over 2.8 billion views.

During the episode, Psy appeared on an interview. During which, he revealed how thought that he won’t achieve such feat again.

However, Psy felt the need to do it again in reality. According to him, that was when he became arrogant.

Psy also added how he usually liked to appear on various variety shows. After his massive success, however, he barely appeared on such shows despite his agency’s advice.

Furthermore, Psy added how his massive success in America also became a factor with him becoming too cocky. In his honest confession, Psy admitted he was hungry for fame and fortune.

Upon hearing Psy’s confession, the show’s host asked: “Didn’t your collaboration with Snoop Dog cure your illness in ‘Hangover’?”. Psy then replied, “That was when it was at its peak.”

Similarly, in another interview, Psy revealed that the hardest part of his career started after “Gangnam Style’s” success. The revelation happened during his appearance on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, as reported by Koreaboo.

According to Psy, he suffered extreme stress and pressure after “Gangnam Style’s” worldwide success. He revealed that because of that, more and more people started to expect more.

“I had no idea ‘Gangnam Style’ would get that big. I started it for laughs but it got too big for me to handle,” said Psy. “I started believing people were anticipating my next release, and it scared me.”

Host Kang Ho Dong then asked Psy how difficult it was for him to continue with his career after “Gangnam Style”. In his response, Psy stated how he constantly reminds himself that the song’s global success was just “pure luck”.

Psy recently made his comeback with a new album titled “4X2=8”. The album features 2 title tracks, “I Luv It” and “New Face”.

Psy’s “I Luv It” currently has almost 23 million views on YouTube. “New Face” on the other hand, has over 22 million views.

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