WINNER appeared as a guest on the first episode of MBC’s “Brother’s Thoughts,” where members Song Mino and Kim Jin Woo went face to face to find out who is the more idiotic member.

This all started because member, Kang Seung Yoon talked about the two idiots of WINNER, in an endearing way. He said, “We have two different types of idiots on our team. One of the idiots is Mino, who lacks when it comes to common knowledge. Our other idiot, Jin Woo, lacks in the way he acts.”

Following this, Solbi conducts an internet search for “WINNER’s idiot,” and finds that everyone in Korea knows about Mino’s idiocy. However, to determine the real idiot of WINNER, the two play a game where they have to guess a word based on just the first character of each Korean syllable, and Kim Jin Woo gets the idiot title.

Later on, Song Mino says,”The real idiot is Kim Jin Woo. His charm is out of this world, and he is very innocent.”

Check out the full clip below!