Nam Ji Hyun Becomes Ji Chang Wook’s Personal Nurse In “Suspicious Partner” Stills

[ad_1] 2017-05-24 14:30:13 2017-05-24 14:30:13 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 SBS revealed stills of Nam Ji Hyun taking care of Ji Chang Wook’s injury in the upcoming episode of “Suspicious Partner.” In one of the photos, Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) has her hands cupped around No Ji Wook’s (Ji Chang Wook) injured face. No Ji Wook is looking away from Eun Bong Hee’s Continue Reading

Makeup Artist Jung Saem Mool Shares Rain’s Sweet Reaction To His Bride Kim Tae Hee

[ad_1] 2017-05-24 05:09:50 2017-05-24 05:09:50 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 Makeup artist Jung Saem Mool revealed Rain’s sweet reaction upon seeing his beautiful bride Kim Tae Hee at their wedding. On May 23, Jung Saem Mool appeared on “War-mance, Best Friends And The City” special episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star.” Soompi.Display.News.English.300×250.BTF Soompi.Mobile.English.300×250.ATF While sharing her experience as Kim Continue Reading

Fight My Way: Episode 2

[ad_1] Fight My Way: Episode 2 by LollyPip It’s time to learn a little bit about why our friends are living third-rate lives, and the reasons they gave up on their youthful dreams. But though their excuses for giving up on themselves may have seemed valid at the time, Dong-man and Ae-ra will be forced Continue Reading

“Bride Of The Water God” Releases Photos Of First Script Reading

[ad_1] Upcoming drama “Bride of the Water God” has released still cuts of the cast’s first script that took place in March. Actors including Shin Se Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk, Im Joo Hwan, f(x)’s Krystal, and Gong Myung took part in the read-through with producer Kim Byung Soo and writer Jung Yoon Jung. Soompi.Display.News.English.300×250.BTF Soompi.Mobile.English.300×250.ATF Continue Reading

14 Reasons We’re Swooning For Ji Chang Wook

[ad_1] 2017-05-24 03:41:48 2017-05-24 05:46:06 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 If you clicked on this feature, you’re probably like me and have fallen for Ji Chang Wook. Maybe you fell in love with him many years ago when he was still a rookie actor, maybe you started admiring him after watching his hit drama “Healer,” or maybe you’re just curious Continue Reading

Kim So Hyun Disguises Herself As A Man And Lee Chae Young Makes Her First Appearance In “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” Stills

[ad_1] 2017-05-24 04:46:09 2017-05-24 04:46:08 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 MBC drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” has dropped some new stills of lead actress Kim So Hyun and she’s got an interesting new look! Kim So Hyun plays Han Ga Eun, a positive and kind character with a streak of independence, who showed in the last episode that she Continue Reading

Tunnel: Episode 16 (Final)

[ad_1] Tunnel: Episode 16 (Final) by TeriYaki Kwang-ho’s time in the future proves that he makes a difference in the lives of the people around him, no matter what year it is. Through his example, he’s demonstrated to his team what’s at the heart of being a good detective, and Kwang-ho has learned a thing Continue Reading