24K just released MV teaser of “Only You” that will be the title track for their upcoming album “ADDICTION 24K.” The song “Only You” is a house EDM piece that is produced by leader Cory and the lyrics by member JeongUk.

As seen on the MV teaser shared on YouTube, each member of 24K had their solo shot with different background and story. Previously, the boy group from Choeun Entertainment has released some teaser images for their upcoming album. They released the pictures of Cory, Kisoo, and Jihoong and then followed by Changsun, Hui, Jeonguk, and Hongseob, AllKpop reported.

The members of 24K looked really charismatic in the teaser images and MV teaser. The full release will be on May 27 and “Only You” will not be the only song because there will be “Been You” for the b-side track. “Been You” is a ballad song about pain from separation and it is produced by Yang D, Soompi reported. Meanwhile, “Only You” is a song about an innocent man who has a fatal love for a woman.

Fans are really curious about 24K’s new album because they cannot guess the concept of this comeback. 24K’s fans will need to wait until the full release of their album “ADDICTION 24K” on May 27 at 6 p.m. KST.

Debuted in 2012, 24K has released some hit songs like “Hurry Up,” “U R SO CUTE,” “Hey You,” “Super Fly,” and much more. 24K just held a concert tour in eight different countries in Europe in January 2017 and they expanded it to some countries in April because of so many requests, Kpopmap reported.

24K has proved their success in Europe and it is the result of their hard work for five years. Their comeback with new album will be released soon and they will bring new music for their fans to enjoy.


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