Bae Doona Reveals How “Sense8” Role Helped With Her New Upcoming Drama


Bae Doona opened up about her newest role in upcoming tvN drama “Forest of Secrets” (working title) during a press conference held on May 30.

“Forest of Secrets” explores how cold, emotionless prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (played by Cho Seung Woo) and righteous, warm-hearted detective Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona) team up in order to hunt down the hidden truth behind a murder case.

During the press conference, Bae Doona shared how her role as a kickboxer in Netflix-produced drama “Sense8” helped her new role.

She said she had a lot of fighting scenes given her role, and explained, “I think my body remembers [how to move] since I received training for around seven to eight months. It’s easier to utilize my body than before. There aren’t many action scenes in this drama, but I believe it was easier when I had to chase down and fight while catching a suspect.”

As for what kind of feedback she hopes to see, Bae Doona surprisingly replied, “I hope to see comments that say I am funny.”

“As the subject matter is what it is, there will be most likely be dark segments but I portray an energetic [character]. So, in that aspect, I wish there would be feedback about how I am funny,” the actress explained. “It would have been nice to receive feedback while filming the drama, but since our drama is completely pre-produced, I just did my best.”

“Forest of Secrets” will premiere on June 10, following the end of “Chicago Typewriter.”

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