TWICE's 'Signal' Album Accused Of Plagiarizing Hailee Steinfeld's 'Starving'


Hit K-pop girl group, TWICE, is being heavily scrutinized by people after they have been alleged of plagiarizing the Hailee Steinfeld’s song, “Starving”. News has it that TWICE’s recently released album, “Signal” has plagiarized Steinfeld’s song.

There are even some people that are saying that the K-pop group has not only plagiarized the lyrics but the musical composition as well. According to Korea Portal, there are already a lot of people who believe that TWICE has copied Steinfeld’s song because of the many similarities that it bears with each other.

This is likely especially because “Starving” has been released before TWICE’s “Signal.” The song that was scrutinized to have plagiarized “Starving” was pointed out to be “Someone Like Me,” which is a song that is part of the recently released album of TWICE.

According to All K-pop, the group is continuously receiving a lot of hate messages from people across the globe. Now, JYP Entertainment, the management company of TWICE, says that they would do something to find out the truth behind this claim.

The company also says that they would do the best of what they can to see if the K-pop group has really plagiarized “Starving.” The management company also confirmed that they have already contacted the producer of “Starving,” and says that they would find out the truth behind the serious issue of plagiarism.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment says that they will publicize official statement once they have been confirmed. For now, there is still no official confirmation about the matter. However, the plagiarism issue is not just about their lyrics. This is because TWICE’s choreography is also complained and referred to as plagiarized as well.

People say that the choreography for “Signal” is very similar with Lovelyz’s “Wow.” For now, JYP Entertainment didn’t make any confirmation about the other complaint.

However, the loyal fans of TWICE say that everything is just a coincidence because there are already a lot of groups that have their own dance moves, lyrics, and melodies in today’s music industry.

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