“Produce 101” season two will hold a special concert with the remaining 35 trainees and viewers can watch it live. It is reported that the tickets are sold out so fast only within two minutes after the opening.

Previously, CJ&M announced the special concert named “Season 2 Finale” on May 27 and it will be held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on Jul, 1-2. It will be the mark of the show’s ending and the 35 trainees will perform there live, Soompi reported.

The tickets selling opened on May 31 and the tickets were already sold out only two minutes after its opening. It was due to many pre-orders before the opening of the tickets that made it sold out really fast. People who couldn’t get the tickets event request to have more seats for the concert, AllKpop reported.

Right now, the “Produce 101” season two is really popular and there is no surprise that many people want to watch the 35 trainees on stage live. The remaining 35 trainees are very talented and it will be great to watch them showcase their talents.

On the concert, the trainees will perform their talents as well as sing together for the theme song “Pick Me.” There is no news yet about the full lineup for the group performance but it is predicted to be great because previously on several episodes, the boys did really well performing in a group.

Meanwhile, in the recent rankings of the show, Kim Jong Hyun received the first place for showing his nice rapping and great leadership. The second place was taken by Lai Guan Lin, a trainee from Cube Entertainment, who wowed everyone with his nice rapping despite being a trainee for only six months. In the third place, there was Park Ji Hoon who previously always in the first place on four episodes.

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