Seo Tae Ji will celebrate his 25th anniversary in a music career and he will work with junior singers to remake some of his songs. BTS is the first artist to join the lineup and many people are curious about the song remake.

BTS is the first artist to be part of Seo Tae Ji’s 25th-anniversary project “25.” Back in 2016 at KBS Song Festival, BTS did a performance of Seo Tae Ji’s “Class Idea” and it received good comments from viewers. Seo Tae Ji also praised the performance os BTS and maybe that is the reason BTS is the first artist on the lineup, Soompi reported.

Seo Tae Ji’s 25th-anniversary project is a project to create good music between him and his juniors and the result is to show great music in overall. Seo Tae Ji is a legend in Korea and it is such an honor to work with him on his project.

After BTS, there will be more other artists joining the lineup and it will not always from the group. There will be some solo vocalists among the lineup to complete the project of “25.” The selection is done by Seo Tae Ji himself and the junior artists will bring new color in Seo Tae Ji’s songs, Korea Portal reported.

It will be a great time for BTS to remake the song of their senior’s artist, especially Seo Tae Ji is the legend in K-Pop industry. Besides, BTS are also very popular as the boy group by winning Top Social Artist at 2017 Billboard Music Awards. It will be a great performance for the viewers to have the new music color Seo Tae Ji’s hit songs in the past.

Meanwhile, Seo Tae Ji plans to hold a concert on Sep. 2 and start to work with his junior singers to remake his songs. The bond of junior and senior singers will be seen on the performance and it will unite everyone through music.

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