KBS2’s “Fight My Way” has been winning the hearts of viewers since day one for its relatable characters, and the actors playing these roles evidently feel the same way as the audience as well.

During a press meeting on June 13, Park Seo Joon reflected on his lead role as Go Dong Man, a former taekwondo athlete who originally gave up his dreams after an unforgettable mistake. As the drama goes on, Go Dong Man reclaims and starts chasing his dreams again, and faces realistic obstacles that stand in his way as he tries to go from being a “third-rate” wash out to his former glory as an award-winning fighter.

Park Seo Joon revealed, “I end up thinking a lot about my past self as I act as Go Dong Man.” The actor explained that when he first started to act, he also lived in a eight pyeong (approximately 285 sq. ft) studio apartment, so he feels nostalgic whenever he’s at the set for his character’s apartment.

He also expressed that he thinks the overall message of “Fight My Way” is summed up by Go Dong Man’s memorable line in episode four, “Even if I don’t succeed, I’m going to just go for it!”

“When I was discharged from the army, I also thought that ‘things will work out exactly how I want them to.’ But when I faced reality, I saw the world keeps spinning even if I have nothing. I realized that I am just like a speck of dust in comparison to the world,” Park Seo Joon explained. “So, there may be those who saw Dong Man’s sudden outburst as just humor, but I strongly tried to portray that line so that it could be impactful to those with big dreams.”

During the event, the actor also touched on his detailed preparations for this drama, both mentally and physically, and shared how his biggest goal is to portray his character in the same realistic manner as how the drama is being received.

“Fight My Way” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!

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