Seo Eon And Seo Jun Successfully Run Errand In Vietnam On “The Return Of Superman”

2017-06-25 09:19:55 2017-06-25 09:19:54 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 Seo Eon and Seo Jun have shown the power of body language! On the June 25 episode of “The Return of Superman,” Lee Hwi Jae and his two sons went on a trip to Vietnam. Soompi.Display.News.English.300×250.BTF Soompi.Mobile.English.300×250.ATF The twins visited a pharmacy to buy mosquito repellant after hearing from their Continue Reading

Top K-Fashion Brands to Make Big Hits in NYC This Week! LEEZ Department Store to Open in Downtown Manhattan

Leez Department Store is bringing the GREATEST NEWS EVER for the K-POP fans in New York City! Top Korean brands like Siero, MZUU, Club Clio, I Hate Monday and Celecon are exclusively introduced to the US market by LEEZ Department Store! Those brands are highly popular among the Asian fashionistas and they are frequently spotted Continue Reading

Japanese Model Ai Shinozaki Reveals She Keeps In Touch With FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki

2017-06-25 07:23:59 2017-06-25 07:23:58 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 On June 25, Ai Shinozaki appeared in the live studio of MBC’s “Section TV” and responded to a question about her relationship with FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki. The Japanese model and actress commented, “”I am friends with Lee Hong Ki. I did not contact him on this trip to Korea, but we Continue Reading

Sandara Park Shares Photo From Wrap Party For Film Version Of “Cheese In The Trap”

2017-06-25 03:38:14 2017-06-25 03:38:13 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 It looks like the team of actors who are involved in the film version of “Cheese in the Trap” is done filming, with Sandara Park sharing a photo from their wrap party! On June 25, Sandara Park took to her personal Instagram account to share the photo with the caption, “‘Cheese Continue Reading

G-Dragon Continues to Soar High With 'Kwon Ji Yong', Ranking #5 on The Billboard's Rap Album Chart

G-Dragon continues to soar through unbelievable heights! His latest album “Kwon Ji Yong” still continues to achieve international recognition – proving K-pop’s success all over the world. G-Dragon’s “Kwon Ji Yong” still continues to achieve good recognition especially overseas since it was released on June 8. As reported by Koreaboo, G-Dragon’s latest EP made it Continue Reading

Apink Members Reveal Why They Call Jung Eun Ji “Jung Kardashian”

2017-06-25 00:16:23 2017-06-25 00:21:13 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1×1 The members of Apink appeared as guests on the June 24 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” where they revealed their funny nickname for Jung Eun Ji. During the question and answer portion, Jung Eun Ji shared that her nickname was “Jung Kardashian.” When asked why, she said, “I was wearing Continue Reading