Drama viewership ratings for the week of June 19-25, 2017

Sometimes it feels like I’m calling a race, but despite having a narrow lead last week, My Sassy Girl dropped back down to second place against Fight My Way, which netted a fairly impressive 12.1% in a series high. But it’s good to see Lookout getting a bit more attention, since it sucks for any show to be wallowing in low numbers.

Seven Day Queen fared even worse this week than it has in previous weeks, which seems tragic considering the positive things I’m hearing about it (it’s on the list, but I’m drowning in dramas!). There must be something about it that’s just not landing with the Korean viewing public, though maybe it might just be sageuk fatigue, since Ruler—Master of the Mask has been taking more of the viewership from day one, though Suspicious Partner isn’t all that far behind.

New is-it-or-isn’t-it-a-makjang Woman of Dignity pulled in about the same numbers as last week, and the same goes for Forest of Secrets (at least as of Saturday). Even Duel is just holding onto the same audience it’s had, so I’m not sure if we’ll be in for many surprises until a new series comes to shake things up. But as always with dramaland, you just never know.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of June 19-25, 2017

Ep. # Station Rating
Monday, June 19
Fight My Way 9 KBS 12.1%
Lookout 17 MBC 7.2%
Lookout 18 MBC 7.7%
My Sassy Girl 13 SBS 8.1%
My Sassy Girl 14 SBS 9.3%
Circle 9 tvN 1.6%
Tuesday, June 20
Fight My Way 10 KBS 11.2%
Lookout 19 MBC 8.5%
Lookout 20 MBC 8.6%
My Sassy Girl 15 SBS 8.3%
My Sassy Girl 16 SBS 10.3%
Circle 10 tvN 1.8%
Wednesday, June 21
Seven Day Queen 7 KBS 5.2%
Ruler—Master of the Mask 25 MBC 10.6%
Ruler—Master of the Mask 26 MBC 13.2%
Suspicious Partner 25 SBS 9.0%
Suspicious Partner 26 SBS 10.5%
Thursday, June 22
Seven Day Queen 8 KBS 5.4%
Ruler—Master of the Mask 27 MBC 10.8%
Ruler—Master of the Mask 28 MBC 12.2%
Suspicious Partner 27 SBS 8.4%
Suspicious Partner 28 SBS 9.7%
Friday, June 23
Woman of Dignity 3 JTBC 2.9%
The Best Hit 13 KBS 3.0%
The Best Hit 14 KBS 3.4%
Saturday, June 24
Father Is Strange 29 KBS 27.4%
The Best Hit 15 KBS 4.7%
The Best Hit 16 KBS 4.1%
You’re Too Much 31 MBC 12.6%
Thief-nom, Thief-nim 13 MBC 10.4%
Sister Is Alive 21 SBS 6.7%
Sister Is Alive 22 SBS 12.5%
Woman of Dignity 4 JTBC 3.3%
Duel 7 OCN 1.5%
Forest of Secrets 5 tvN 4.1%
Sunday, June 25
Father Is Strange 30 KBS
You’re Too Much 32 MBC
Thief-nom, Thief-nim 14 MBC
Duel 8 OCN
Forest of Secrets 6 tvN


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