Baro up for Jaejoong and UEE’s time-slip rom-com Manhole

B1A4’s Baro is considering his first drama comeback since Angry Mom where he played a rebellious bully two years ago. He’s been offered a role in JYJ Jaejoong’s (Spy) upcoming KBS drama Manhole.

It’s a fantasy comedy about an unemployed unlucky and lazy bum who accidentally falls into a street manhole and discovers it’s a time-slip portal into the past. The drama is all about him traveling back and forth through time using the manhole to prevent a wedding that’s supposed to happen a week in the future. Jaejoong has already been confirmed in the lead role, and UEE (Night Light) will be playing the object of his one-sided crush, his best female friend who’s about to get married.

Baro’s character, Jo Seok-taek, thinks he’s good friends with Jaejoong, but Jaejoong only thinks of him as a sidekick. They have a weird history, because when they were younger, Baro confessed to a girl that Jaejoong liked, and was beaten in the middle of the night for it. And Baro character is the type of person who is timid but holds a grudge for a long time.

So I don’t know quite why he thinks they’re still friends, but he does end up presenting a significant obstacle in Jaejoong’s life, especially with his tendency to be aggressively straightforward in his love life. Hopefully his character will get the same kind of turnaround that his bully in Angry Mom got, so that he can graduate from sidekick to friend.

Wednesday-Thursday time adventure rom-com Manhole will air in August, after the end of Seven Day Queen.

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