The first trailer for MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “The King Loves” has been revealed!

On June 26, MBC shared the first teaser video for “The King Loves.” The teaser opens with main cast YoonA, Im Siwan, and Hong Jong Hyun running through a street and laughing together. 

They are portrayed as close friends, but the phrase, “The misguided love between two men and one woman,” sparks curiosity about the fate of the three protagonists.

The vibrance of the cinematography stands out as well when Im Siwan and YoonA are shown dancing in colorful costumes and masks.

In the next scene, Hong Jong Hyun, YoonA, and Im Siwan are shedding tears with heartbroken expressions, while the phrase, “The beautiful and sad love story of the three men and woman,” appears on screen

Towards the end of the video, Im Siwan narrates, “This is the story of me, who ended up loving you more than I do myself.”

Watch the teaser below!