Jung Kyung Ho Opens Up About Feeling Apologetic Towards Girlfriend Sooyoung


During a guest appearance on the June 29 episode of tvN’s “Life Bar,” actor Jung Kyung Ho reflected on his long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation.

While they are already in their fifth year as a couple, the actor commented that “it still hasn’t been a long time.” When the hosts questioned if he ever felt overly cautious about discussing their relationship, Jung Kyung Ho candidly confessed , “It’s alright now, but she is still a Girls’ Generation’s member, isn’t she? I’m not sure how to explain it, but I feel apologetic to her.”

The actor previously stated in an interview that one of the reasons he feels this way has to do with his influence over their decision to date openly.

“There is a part of me that is becoming more careful, because the topic of Sooyoung always comes up, no matter how many countless times I talk about my production,” he continued.

The actor then revealed that he had opened up to Sooyoung about feeling this way during their phone call the previous night. “When I said [that I felt apologetic] to her, she told me, ‘Why are you worried about this now? Wear something nice [to the recording],” Jung Kyung Ho said. “She advised me, ‘Wear a belt, don’t wear a hat, and don’t style your own hair.’”

During the broadcast, he also discussed how a romantic event had once backfired on him, and how he was already interested in Sooyoung when they first met in person.

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