Jung Kyung Ho Shares How His Romantic Event For His Girlfriend Sooyoung Backfired


2017-06-30 01:49:54
2017-06-30 01:49:54

On June 29, Jung Kyung Ho appeared as a guest on tvN’s “Life Bar” and talked about how a romantic event he planned for his girlfriend, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, backfired.

He said, “I normally don’t plan romantic events, but I did for our 1000-day celebration. I went to the flower market and bought 1000 roses. But I miscalculated how much space all those flowers would take up.” He continued, “I had them delivered to her apartment, but soon got a phone call from Sooyoung telling me to come back and clean them up,” revealing that the romantic gesture didn’t exactly go as planned. He later said that he and Sooyoung both worked together to clean up the roses.

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