'Produce I.O.I' Claimed To Have Suggestive Content By Viewers


It seems popular Korean television show ‘Produce I.O.I’ is all the rage lately – even after it has ended! However, recently fans seemed to rehash something they noticed throughout the series and deemed it to be rather sexual and contained a hidden sexual intention.

After already ending the series and announcing the 11 winners, including their new debut group name WANNA ONE, fans have recently questioned a segment called ‘It’s Meringue Time’ from a previous episode. 

While it seemed like a fun themed portion of the episode, fans speculated the hidden meaning behind the meringue. The effort in making it involves a fast beating motion of the eggs with hands or a spoon. It is suggested that this mimics the act of masturbation and showcases the boy’s upper body strength. The thick, white creamy texture of the meringue represented semen. 

While many fans found the accusation to be ridiculous and distasteful, others felt it was indeed its purpose. Various sites have shared readers commentary on the matter. Comments such as these flooded the posts, “Hul…..”, “I was wondering why they suddenly had them make meringue”, “If they really intended that then that’s so shocking…”, “I thought it was to show their arm muscles.. omg”, “Hul… That’s what it meant??”, “That’s so dirty. What are they doing with the kids..”, “That’s sexual harassment.”  

Now gifs are circulating across the internet of the boys repeatedly whipping the eggs with some enjoying it and others not so much. Many fans feel the producers of this series always had a dirty intention in mind ever since their statement about the first season being regarded as “healthy pornography.” What is your take on this particular matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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