Taemin Gets Personal With Japanese Fans In 'Flame of Love


Taemin of SHINee is back again as a soloist and driving fans wild with his latest concept for “Flame of Love.” While the singer had a powerful comeback in Korea with songs such as “Drip Drop,” the SHINee member has not forgotten about his Japanese fans and has completely impressed us yet again!

Taemin’s Japanese song “Flame of Love” is quite mystical and attention grabbing. The dark and moody MV paired with the sentimental feelings of this track make the song addicting almost instantly. Similar to a ballad but with a slightly faster pace, the song utilizes classical sounds throughout the instrumental such as with violins.

As usual, Taemin’s delicate voice stands out among the rest. His clear vocals and powerful range make him the type of singer you want to listen to endlessly – whether he sings in Korean or Japanese! If his vocals aren’t enough to impress you, the MV will also blow your mind as he pays a little homage to hit TV show series ‘Avatar’ with his fire bending skills! The flame of love is definitely real in this MV!

Taemin’s video has already racked up over 1 million views in just three days and he continues to impress fans across the globe. Although he won’t be performing this song on any music shows anytime soon, fan’s can expect more solo work from this talented artists quite soon! Check out his MV for “Flame of Love” down below and see if you can handle the immense passion!