With Choa officially leaving AOA, will member Seolhyun stay and renew her contract with the agency? Here’s what FNC Entertainment has to say.

According to All Kpop, an FNC Entertainment source said that it is still too early to say anything regarding contract renewal. “There are further things to discuss,” said the source.

“There is still plenty of time left on Seolhyun’s contract,” said FNC Entertainment source. The agency is currently focusing on Choa as she prepares to leave the agency.

As reported by Soompi, FNC Entertainment confirmed on Friday, June 30 that Choa is confirmed to leave AOA. “We have decided to respect Choa’s opinion and she will be leaving AOA,” said the agency.

Choa announced on June 22 that she will be leaving AOA because of her current mental health. The announcement was made through a lengthy post she uploaded on her official Instagram account.

Choa’s main reason for leaving the group was due to her mental state; she is currently undergoing depression. Her depression started not long after AOA debuted in 2012.

According to Choa, she was sad of the fact that AOA does not receive that much of love. She however pressed on and continued to do her best.

Unfortunately, Choa’s “sadness” got worse as the years progressed for her and AOA. She started to feel depressed and experienced difficulty in sleeping.

“During the course of 2 years, my promotions were cut back a bit, but even when I was resting it really wasn’t resting,” Choa added. She felt pressure as the group garnered more fans and attention and thought that she would become a burden to them if it continued.

With this, Choa finally decided to leave AOA for good. She spoke with her managers in FNC Entertainment on the morning of June 22 and discussed her departure.

The members’ individual activities, however, will not be affected. Seolhyun, Mina, and the rest of AOA will still appearing on TV, fan signing events and the likes.

With all of this happening, fans are now starting to wonder: Will AOA continue as a group without Choa? Or will they disband for good? FNC Entertainment is yet to release a statement on the matter.

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