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Act III M.O.T.T.E features a trilogy of G-Dragon’s life; M.O.T.T.E stands for Moment Of Truth The End. The World Tour started in Seoul on 10th June 2017, shortly after the release of his latest solo album ‘Kwon Ji Yong’. Singapore was the third stop of this tour. Held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 24th and 25th June, a total of 15,000 tickets were sold. G-Dragon’s parents even flew in to support him on both nights!

G-Dragon kicked off the concert with his solo debut title track ‘Heartbreaker’, which was released in 2009, followed by ‘Breathe’ from the same album. Before starting the third song ‘A Boy’, he spoke “Act III M.O.T.T.E, Kwon Ji Yong, I remember back in the day, there was one little young boy, that young boy brought here me today.”

He went on to perform ‘But I Love You’, ‘Obsession’, ‘MichiGO’ and ‘One of A Kind’.  What got the fans cheering were the images of CL being flashed on the big screens when GD performed ‘R.O.D’; CL was a guest star in GD’s concert in Seoul. For the Singapore concert, she appeared on the big screens to ‘perform’ together with GD.

(Photo : IME Productions Singapore )

Red was the colour theme that ran throughout the show, from stage lights to outfits. His microphone and microphone stand were all in chrome red, even right down to his nail polish colour. The strikingly strong visuals left a lasting impression, befitting of a superstar’s concert.

M.O.T.T.E concert brought fans closer and deeper into GD, or rather Kwon Ji Yong’s life. An interview video with people who are close to GD was shown. They were first asked, “Who is G-Dragon to you?”

Daesung: “For ten years, he led BIGBANG with integrity, to great success. I’m grateful to him for that.”

GD’s mother: “We’re his biggest fan.”

GD’s father: “He’s our hope.”

Followed by the second question “Who is Kwon Ji Yong to you?” It may seem like a similar question but those who are close to him definitely know the difference.

Taeyang: “Ah G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong, they’re different.”

Psy: “The Kwon Ji Yong I know, is a well-mannered person. He’s a nobleman.”

CL: He’s warm and big hearted. He likes to nag because he cares. He also likes to party.

GD’s father when asked, “Is he a good son?” he replied “Our Ji Yong has never said ‘No’ to us so far. He always said ‘Yes’.”

GD’s mother: “The best son to me.”

GD’s sister when asked, “Is he an affectionate little brother?” she replied “He’s very stoic, quiet at home, but once he starts drinking, he talks a lot.”

Verbal: “His private life is more human, you know? As opposed to the superstar image, that’s probably why the duality of the different characters is attractive when you meet him, he’s just super cool.”

(Photo : IME Productions Singapore )

What made this tour even more special was there was a Monologue video segment, where G-Dragon spoke directly to the camera. He was slightly awkward, unsure of what to say. “I’m Kwon Ji Yong and also G-Dragon. Many people know me as G-Dragon, that’s true. It feels a bit weird to introduce myself, I’m not sure how to introduce.”

Being G-Dragon is just a flashy, shiny part of his life. Kwon Ji Yong is his real name, his true self, with real emotions. GD spoke earnestly, “I wish I can be someone who still shines without all these shiny things on. I’ve been living as G-Dragon until now, but now I want to live being KWON JI YONG.”

After this sincere monologue, GD returned to the stage with ‘Superstar’, ‘Middle Fingers Up’ and ‘Bullshit’ from his latest album, aptly titled ‘Kwon Ji Yong’.

Before starting the song ‘Divina Commedia’, he spoke from the bottom of his heart, thanking fans. G-Dragon: “It’s truly an honour to have this world tour, as a solo artist. Without you guys we couldn’t make it, but we MADE it! You guys made me. Now I’m here, it’s good to be back!” There were no slick, scripted lines that appeared too well rehearsed. He was just speaking sincerely to fans and when fans got too excited and kept on screaming at every single word and gesture, he asked them to listen. G-Dragon responded coolly, “You don’t have to react to everything, take your time.”

On the first day of the concert GD said with an air of melancholy, “Actually, last few months were kinda like tough, too many things… you know who we are, if you guys stay there then we will be here. Just protect each other, like a family.”

The loudest cheers were generated when he mentioned, “Thank you my boys, BIGBANG.”

(Photo : IME Productions Singapore )

On the second day of the concert, he spoke with apprehensiveness, “Today is the last show in Singapore, I’m not sure but… if I can, I don’t know. Maybe two years or a year and a half” while making the salute gesture. He is referring to the mandatory military service for all Korean males, so he will be away from the entertainment scene for almost two years.

GD continued, “In this tour Act III M.O.T.T.E, there’s a lot of me. In Korean age, I’m 30, can’t believe it huh, still young huh. I’m still young and wild.” Fans chanted “Saranghae” (I Love You) repeatedly to show their support.

GD: “In this World Tour, at least, I just want to be like Kwon Ji Yong, as in Kwon Ji Yong.”

His latest album comes in the form of a USB flash drive instead of the usual CD. It is amusing to see how GD went into the album promoter mode when he said, “We may live in different countries, far from each other, but I believe we’re always connected, like the USB stick.” He cringed and hid his face behind his arm in disbelief after he said that. Seungri usually delivers such cheesy cringe-worthy lines in BIGBANG concerts, now G-Dragon did it himself.

The last song that GD performed is ‘Untitled, 2014’, on the second day of the concert, he even went off the stage and walked in front of the standing pen, sending the fans into a tizzy. He ended off the night with Divina Commedia’s lyrics, “in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.”

(Photo : IME Productions Singapore )

Once again, GD proved to us his position as a leader of the music and fashion industry and left the audience amazed with his commitment to his music and the artistry of ‘Act III : M.O.T.T.E’.

Act III M.O.T.T.E World Tour continues with the next stop in Bangkok on 7th and 8th July. YG Entertainment has recently announced new tour dates in Europe, with tour stops in London, Amsterdam and Paris in September, more fans around the world will get to watch GD live!

Special thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Production for inviting KpopStarz to cover G-Dragon 2017 World Tour In Singapore.

Writer: Ashley Ngo | Photo Credits: IME Productions Singapore 


Setlist for both Day 1 and 2

1.      Heartbreaker

2.      Breathe

3.      A Boy

4.      But I Love You

5.      Obsession

6.      MichiGO

7.      One of A Kind

8.      R.O.D

9.      That XX

10.  Black

11.  Missing You

12.  Who You?

13.  I Love It

14.  Today

15.  Crayon

16.  Superstar

17.  Middle Fingers Up

18.  Bullshit

19.  Divina Commedia

20.  This Love

21.  Crooked

22.  Untitled, 2014



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