In the leader they trust for OCN’s Rescue Me

Well played, OCN. If your intention was to creep me out, then you’ve outdone yourself. Rescue Me, the upcoming thriller about a cult and a group of youths who unexpectedly gets caught up in it has released two new short teasers and they’re… unsettling, to say the least. They actually work really well, because in addition to setting up the general feel for the show, they’ve certainly caught my interest when Rescue Me was previously low on my radar.

The first teaser has a really simple but effective concept: All of the main players in Rescue Me, from the cult leader to his loyal (and maybe not so loyal) followers, to our ragtag group of youths who enter the cult grounds to save Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang), pose in front of the cult gates like a yearbook photo. You know, if cults had yearbooks. Park Ji-young (The Liar and His Lover) plays the cult leader’s right-hand woman, and she narrates as the camera pans out, “We are a community who shares everything in our leader.”