Righteous prosecutor and journalists challenge the corrupt in Falsify’s first teaser

The first teaser is out for SBS’s Falsify, and it gives us a brief look at all of our main players and what they’re up against as they fight against corruption. The teaser is pretty chock full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scenes and there’s a lot going on, but what it does convey is pretty gripping.

The first person we hear is Moon Sung-geun’s (The Tooth and the Nail) character, a powerful figure in charge of Daehan Ilbo, the newspaper at the center of Falsify: “Moses parting the Red Sea isn’t the only miracle. When our newspaper comes down, the promised land reveals itself.” Wow, your ego literally could not be bigger if you’re making comparisons with God. And how appropriate that as he says it, men in suits walk across Daehan Ilbo’s floor plaque, and one of them steps on the word “truth.”

A reporter announces that a chaebol CEO has disappeared following a corruption scandal, leaving behind a suicide note, while not-so-coincidentally, a story breaks that four unknown corpses have been found. A bloodied Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) looks bewildered as he asks what is going on. Faked or not, the chaebol CEO does appear to have committed suicide, and Jung Man-shik (Entertainer), who plays a detective, phones a reporter to ask if they want a tip-off from the crime scene. The following chyron reads, “A falsified case. Hidden power.” So is he a lackey for the bad guys?