2017 has blessed us with the likes of many hot male leads so far. And although it’s easy to fall for the charming and handsome male lead, there has also been a fair share of villains who have easily been stealing our hearts – against our own will, of course! What makes a villain a heartthrob? His effortless ability to be bad, or his heart-stopping visuals and charisma. Here’s a look at just eight K-drama heartthrob villains who stole the show! (In no particular order).

Warning: minor spoilers below.

1. Lee Junho – “Chief Kim

Seo Yul (Lee Junho) is the charismatic and cold-hearted antagonist in “Chief Kim” that everyone hated to love. His arrogance and unsympathetic attitude made him a heartless villain. However, despite his antagonistic ways, as the drama progressed, it was even more difficult to hate him, especially because of his budding bromance with Namgoong Min. They were just so adorable whenever they were in a scene together! I mean, look at them both busting out those TWICE moves: