It appears that Black Pink’s Jennie wasn’t just born with all of this natural talent – she had a little help from the company backend and that help came from none other than Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon!

During the July 10th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Jung Yoo Mi’s FM Date’ with guest stars Black Pink, Jennie opened up about how G-Dragon helped her as a trainee and the methods of mastering filming for MVs and photoshoots. She recalled the moments on stage with the legendary singer G-Dragon himself.

The girls openly mentioned, “Our trainee days were long. It was such a touching moment when we won first place for the very first time.”

However, member Jennie further explained her experienced and revealed, “Before my debut, there was a time when I was able to stand on stage with G-Dragon sunbaenim. I didn’t know the basics back then so I found myself being lost most of the time since I didn’t know how to look at the camera.”

It seems the advice stuck nicely, as Jennie appears like a natural pro in any and every photoshoot. The statements Jennie gave early were actually a reference to her first stage prior to debut in G-Dragon’s “Black.” View the video below!