It seems that the worldwide phenomenon PSY and his record-breaking hit video “Gangnam Style” is no longer the talk of the town anymore. The video has recently lost its title of “Most Watched Video” and YouTube and was beat out by another artist.

The video was shockingly beaten by American rapper Wiz Khalifa. Wiz Khalifa’s latest song feat. Charlie Puth‘s titled “See You Again” is the latest hit to strip PSY of his title. While PSY’s song still reigns supreme being the first video to ever reach over 1 billion views, it seems there are other one-hit wonders and talented artists reaching into PSY’s claim to international fame. 

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video currently clocks in at 2,894,240,086 views with Wiz Khalifa’s music video having 2,894,763,860 views. That is roughly 500,000 more views. K-Pop fans are expecting fellow K-Poppers to join in on increasing the views and bringing PSY back to his original place. 

However, this isn’t the end for PSY as he is still creating music and moving forward with his recent release “I LUV IT.” Although Wiz Khalifa’s two-year-old song made it to the top, for now, it doesn’t mean another song (K-Pop song included) can steal the spotlight again. Congratulations to PSY for being the first to achieve the goal and Wiz Khalifa for his achievement as well.








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