K-Pop idols have the perfect figures, flawless faces and dazzling appearances that it is no surprise that fans are comparing them to dolls! However, these living beauties might just be prettier than their plastic/plushy counter parts! Check out some of the idols netizens can’t stop talking about.

Nayeon of TWICE is known for her bunny tooth so it is no surprise that her plush form is a sweet, innocent rabbit.

Jonghyun has that fierce yet cute look about him – just like a Charmander! 


The Gugudan cutie has the same round, solemn face as this emotion from the popular kid’s movie “Inside out.”


Although the idol is sweet as Suga, many feel he is as innocent as a lamb.

Of course, G-Friend’s Yerin makes for the perfect rubber ducky with her pursed lips and pinchable cheeks! 


Joshua of Seventeen is loved for his charming, cat-like eyes. So, it is no surprise he is paired with the lovable Pokemon Eevee!

Unlike the other idols, Hani of EXID actually does look like a living Barbie Doll! See the resemblance? Uncanny!




BTS Jimin has very low and deep mono-lids that really makes him resemble this lazy cat character perfectly! 




Which was your favorite idol and why? Are there any other idols who look like dolls? Share their photos down below!


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