It’s summer! Time for vacations, chilling by the pool, planning out new adventures…and pulling multiple K-drama all-nighters. Whatever your summer plans are, here are 10 not-to-miss dramas that are perfect for the summer mood you’re in.

1. “Goodbye Mr. Black

In the midst of all the soft, warm, and fuzzy rom-coms that are out lately, you may find yourself in the mood for something a little more serious — darker, more kickass, with a “what-goes-around-comes-back-around” vibe — and perhaps with a little dash of revenge. Or a lot of revenge.

If you’re in the mood for all that, look no further than “Goodbye Mr. Black,” a drama based loosely on the classic “Count of Monte Cristo,” in which a man (Lee Jin Wook) comes back from being presumed dead to get revenge on his best friend (Kim Kang Woo) who betrayed him and his love (Moon Chae Won). The characters of “Goodbye Mr. Black” do not act passively on the screen — instead, they spin out a very twisted tale with an ending that you can’t really predict.

All episodes of “Goodbye Mr. Black” are now available for free! Click below to watch:

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2. “The Legend of the Blue Sea

Everyone knows that the beach is the place to be during the summer. If you’re a K-drama fan who can’t get enough of the ocean waves, then “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is the perfect show for you. Centered around mermaid lore, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” features an innocent mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun) who happens to be a reincarnation of her former, wiser self from the Joseon period.

She falls in love with a dashing conman (Lee Min Ho) and travels to land in the hopes of being with him, whereupon the two begin to recall their former lives together (and the tragic fate that went along with it) in the hopes of changing the story this time. Ironically, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” premiered around Christmas time, so if you’re homesick for the holidays and the snow then this show will give you just the taste of winter you’ve been missing.

All episodes of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” are now available for free! Click below to watch:

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3. “My Secret Romance”

“My Secret Romance” is a drama with an unconventional approach: Yoo Mi (Han Sun Hwa) is a pretty and conservative nutritionist who runs into the handsome and charismatic Jin Wook (Sung Joon). The chemistry between the two escalates into a one night stand, whereupon Yoo Mi regrets her actions in the morning after and disappears in embarrassment. Three years later, the two meet again. If you’re looking for a drama that mixes in sizzling chemistry with the normal cute vibes, then “My Secret Romance” is the show for you.

Watch the trailer for the drama below!