An unexpected fan war broke out yet again among EXO and Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon fans who have criticized Daniel Kang’s fans due to their rude behavior and malicious comments online. 

It was reported that the fans had created another chat room, which was found under Naver Band, and these alleged ‘fans of Wanna One’ were in fact only fans of Daniel Kang. But that wasn’t the problem – not only did they curse and belittle other Wanna One members, but they also talk about individual fans behind their backs, tagging their usernames/names in posts and comments.

The comments were ongoing as these users stated rather silly things such as “He acts so sensitive but is fake,” or “His dancing is not that great…” The following comments were rather silly as they merely made fun of Park Ji Hoon for his height, looks, skills as an idol, his personality and that, “He is fooling fans.” Rather childish, no?

The silly chat room messages also mentioned Xiumin of EXO because of a variety show that he and Daniel Kang both participated in recently. The bullying fans continued to rally on saying, “Xiumin ‘isn’t much,” and that Wanna One members are simply better due to their age since the EXO member is 28 years old. Yet again, more ridiculous commentary.

While I’m positive the idols are over it and didn’t even flinch at the comments, it doesn’t stop fans from being enraged by these hurtful comments. What do you think of this argument? Invalid or time to talk back?

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