Jaw-dropping, club-hopping Kim Ah-joong in Live Up to Your Name

This girl is my kind of doctor: Work hard, play even harder. Kim Ah-joong (Wanted) stars in tvN’s upcoming drama Live Up to Your Name as a cold surgeon with a deep, hidden pain. She’s a strong proponent of modern medicine despite coming from a family of oriental medicine doctors. The main conflict occurs when she somehow becomes involved with Heo Im, played by Kim Nam-gil (Pandora).

He is an accidental time traveler from 400 years in the past, and coincidentally also the best acupuncturist in oriental medicine’s history. So there’s a pretty good basis for many opportunities in cute clashing and rom-com hijinks to occur.

In the newly released teaser, Kim Ah-joong lets out a fatigued sigh at her desk. However, when she gets a text invitation to the opening of the trendiest new nightclub in town, her entire demeanor changes. She whips off her doctor’s gown to reveal that she’s been wearing a fake half-blouse covering a see-through crop top and miniskirt. She primps in the mirror, and after doing a last makeup check, opens the door to leave work.

On the other side, Kim Nam-gil in his full traditional Joseon garb turns bright red as he sees her revealing outfit. Speechless, he can’t say a word but continues checking her out as she steps around him to begin her night festivities.

After seeing his performance in The Pirates, I think Kim Nam-gil has great comedic timing, and this teaser just reinforces my view. So I’m excited to see how this timeslip drama will utilize his talents. Live Up to Your Name begins on August 12, after Forest of Secrets finishes its run.