Jay Park recently released his summer time bop “Yacht” and fans are getting lit to the sound of his sick beats and smooth voice. However, after releasing his MV, fans can’t stop but laugh at one thing they noticed with the YouTube video.

Usually, videos are released a few days later with English subs or some artists who are bilingual like Jay Park release English versions of their promotional songs. However, someone took the liberty of providing English subtitles, also known as CC’s, on the YouTube video which are beyond hilarious.

The video editor made fans hyped as they got a little personal in the subtitles saying things like, “Y’all wanted some Jay Park subtitles?” and “OK, I got you :).”  But then the editor played us all as they suddenly stated, “Wait for the English version.” Fans were definitely expecting some swagged out translations until that happened.

Fans found it hilarious and it is believed that Jay Park wrote them himself! It is believed that it is Jay Park’s method of promoting his English version so fans can look forward to the new release as well. Which version do you think will be the best? Stay tuned for more updates.








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