Jessica Jung recently announced that she would be celebrating her 10th year anniversary as a K-Pop star with a comeback of her very own set for this August – the same time as her previous members and girl group, Girls’ Generation.

While Girls’ Generation are still a top girl group and finding success with SM Entertainment, Jessica seems to be paving the way to fortune through her own means. For her new album, ‘Wonderland NHR Remix EP,’ Jessica called on the help of the talented Big Bang member Seungri to help her remix her previous hit songs!

Seungri’s record label ‘Natural High Records’ helped remix and produce the new set of songs. The album will be repacked and come with three new remixed songs. The songs are her promotional track “Wonderland,” her previous song “Fly” and the delightful song “Dancing on The Moon.” She also received help and collaborated with other producers and artists, mainly by FerryBeatrappaTPA, and Punch Sound.

Seungri was also seen following and promoting Jessica’s newest album on his personal Instagram! The newly remastered album is available for purchase and download on Naver Music, Melon, iTunes and Spotify. Many fans are looking forward to the singers brand new sounds! Are you ready for some amazing remixes?

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