Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong reunites with former I.O.I member Kim Doyeon for a variety show phone quiz!

On this week’s episode of the SBS variety show “Clench Your Fist and Blow the Boat Horn,” Kim Sejeong called Kim Doyeon to complete a word association quiz activity.

When Kim Doyeon answered the phone, Kim Sejeong smiled brightly and exclaimed “Do Do Joo!” With the clock ticking, Kim Sejeong began to prompt Kim Doyeon with the first question. “JJajjangmyeon (a Chinese-style noodle dish!)” she yelled. Kim Doyeon quickly caught on to the game and confidently responded with “Jjambbong (a spicy, Chinese-style noodle soup.)”

The next question proved slightly more difficult, as Kim Sejeong struggled to get Kim Doyeon to say “I miss you.” “Doyeon-a, I really…you!” Kim Sejeong prompted to no response from Kim Doyeon. Trying a different method, Kim Sejeong said “You really…the I.O.I. members.” “I miss you!” shouted Kim Doyeon. At the mention of I.O.I., Kim Se Jung remarked, “Oh, suddenly I want to cry!”

The game continued on as Kim Sejeong described mackerel to Kim Doyeon. “It’s the most delicious out of the blue-colored fish.” “Eyeballs!” exclaimed Kim Doyeon, clearly not understanding the question.

As time limit approached, Kim Sejeong prompted Kim Doyeon to name actress and host of the variety show, Kyung Soo Jin. Kim Doyeon admited she’s never seen the variety show, causing the rests of the hosts to explode in laughter. Kyung Soo Jin, however, shook her head indignantly. Kim Sejeong tried to remedy the situation by telling Kim Doyeon that an actress name Kyung Soo Jin is sitting next to her right now and asking her to greet her over the phone. Kyung Soo Jin told Kim Doyeon, “You ought to come on our show, then you can find out who I am!” Kim Doyeon responded, “Sure, just invite me please.”

By the end of the phone call, Kim Doyeon redeemed herself to Kyung Soo Jin by stating she knew that she performed in a drama with Kim Young Kwang. “Okay, I guess you don’t need to come on then!” exclaimed Kyung Soo Jin with relief.

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