OCN considers a Season 2 for crime thriller Voice

Hmm, is this going to be a new trend in dramaland? OCN is considering a second season of its hit series Voice, which aired in the first few months of this year. On the heels of KBS’s announcement that Mystery Queen will get another season, it looks like we might get another multi-season crime and mystery drama in Voice. I can see why OCN is eyeing another season, since the show broke the station’s rating records when it aired.

Much like Mystery Queen, Voice is a show that could easily work with multiple seasons because of its procedural format. In the first season of the crime thriller, Lee Hana and Jang Hyuk starred as a voice profiler and a police officer at an emergency call center, who were also (reluctantly, on Jang Hyuk’s part) members of the same team which would rush to save victims of crimes within the “golden time,” or the first few minutes after the crime has been committed.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch Voice consistently while it was airing because the cases I did catch really freaked me out. I felt that the level of brutality in the show was quite unexpectedly high, even for OCN. I made the mistake of watching the first couple of episodes with the case of the high school student at night, and I couldn’t go anywhere near the show until my mom convinced me to watch the episodes with the case of the stabbed kid. Eugh, I still feel the creepy crawlies whenever I think about the kid’s “mother” and how her face appeared above the washing machine.

If Voice does come back for another run, I hope that the director, PD Kim Hong-sun, returns as well, because the intensity of the series was really due to the energy of his fast-paced editing. I remember feeling that the directing really elevated the storytelling in the episodes I watched, and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat as Jang Hyuk ran around with Baek Sung-hyun trying to save the various victims while Lee Hana gave out instructions in his ear. I also hope that the original cast comes back as well, including Yesung and Sohn Eun-seo, and not become another spin-off like its fellow OCN show Bad Guys 2.

OCN hasn’t confirmed if and when they will schedule Voice 2, but earlier reports suggested a premiere date as early as the first half of 2018. Mark your calendars for some more terrifying serial killers!

Via Ilgan Sports, Herald Pop, TV Report


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