On the July 28th airing of ‘Unnie’s Radio’, Minzy, a former member of 2NE1, admitted that she relied on ‘Unnie’s Slam Dunk 2’ and that the members of Unnies helped her through a hard and lonely period of her life.

Minzy opened up on the live broadcast and revealed to Unnies member and DJ Kim Sook that,  “During the time I was really lonely, I came across ‘Unnies’. I feel like I met my real sisters. It’s to the point I want to go on a friendship vacation with the ‘Unnies’ members,” sharing her affection for the Unnies members. 

Despite the shows completion and successful releases of their songs “La La La Song” and “Right?” the groups still keeps in touch and stays connected with each other. Kim Sook then opened up her self saying,“It’s been a few months since the show ended, but our group chat room is still in use. We all know what each person is up to.” 

Are you still missing the cute and lovely Unnies?



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