Carats often refer to SEVENTEEN as the king of covers, and it is easy to see why! The 13 members of this up-and-coming group never fail to impress fans with their dynamic performances. And they’re not only limited to their own stages either; they also stun audiences with their flashy renditions of other artists’ tracks. It’s hard to believe that SEVENTEEN only debuted a little over two years ago, when it feels like they conquer every stage.

Check out this list to see some of SEVENTEEN’s most memorable cover performances!

1. Remix of popular boy group songs in 2016

When covering one song wasn’t enough, SEVENTEEN pulled off a remix of numerous songs from groups including EXO, GOT7, B.A.P, SHINee, Highlight, and more! This famous mix then flowed into a joint performance of “Boom Boom” and “Very Nice.”