The drama never ends for T.O.P as he is still currently undergoing some final sentences and procedures with Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the judges final prosecutions regarding his military enlistment.

T.O.P has been sentenced to two years probation and a 10-month prison sentence if he breaks and rules under his probation period. He was also fined 12,000Won which is the equivalent of $12.00 USD. Now, it was confirmed that Big Bang’s T.O.P gave up the right to appeal due to a time restraint.

According to the legal system on July 28th, both the prosecution and T.O.P did not appeal until midnight on the 27th, the day before, and the first judgment sentenced on was confirmed on the 20th of July. If you do not appeal within 7 days after your sentence has been sentenced, your form will be confirmed automatically – thus he had given up his appeal by default.

Now the impending results of his military status are only becoming worse. According to the provision of medical service, if the suspect is sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year and six months or if he/she is sentenced, he/she will be deemed ‘retired.’ If T.O.P is found to be unsuitable, he is deprived of his status and is reassigned to a social worker or full-time reserve. The decision to relocate takes about two weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on T.O.P’s difficult time and situation.

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