Manhole gang’s funky new character posters

I can’t wait for Manhole to come out. Before all the promo, I was pretty ambivalent about the plot and the cast, although I’ve come to really like UEE (Night Light) as an actress after Marriage Contract. But with each teaser and still, I’ve grown to anticipate this late summer drama the most. The newest round of character posters have been released, and they’re so funky bright. I mean just look at that Beatles-themed poster—doesn’t it make you want to watch too?

Manhole is a time-slip comedy about an unemployed man, played by JYJ’s Jaejoong (Spy) whose best friend, played by UEE, is getting married in a week. The only problem is that she’s the woman he’s had a crush on for the past 28 years. So when he accidentally discovers that a manhole in his neighborhood is a portal through time, he uses it to try to prevent her wedding and declare his feelings.

Hijinks ensue when he finds out that changing even the most minor thing in the past leads to huge effects in the present, and he has to go back and repair the damage. I love his expression in his poster. With crazy eyes, Jaejoong says in his character poster: “You think you can marry a man that’s not me?” His face shows exactly the bae-you-gone-cray feelings I would have if I were ever in that situation.

Meanwhile, UEE looks completely oblivious to his feelings, as she smiles brightly and asks in her poster: “You’re coming to my wedding, right? You’re my best friend, you know?” Baro (Angry Mom), who plays Jaejoong’s wannabe rival, clenches his teeth with a determined look, while his poster reads: “No matter what, I’ll win over you. If your life is ruined, my life will be a success.”

Last but not least, we have Jung Hye-sung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds), who will be UEE’s rival. Contrary to her smiling expression, her poster reads: “Going on a blind date? Bullshit! Going on an arranged matchmaking date? Bullshit! Now you’re getting married?!”

Keke, I’m loving the vibe already. KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Manhole will premiere on August 9.

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