The Tall One stares down naked Kim Min-seok in Age of Youth 2 teaser

Ooh, more bits of the upcoming drama Age of Youth 2 have been revealed. The latest teaser is a continuation of the first, and shows what the Belle Epoque sharehouse roommates were so surprised by on their return: their new roommate. This new season will be a mix of old and new characters, creating a different story showing how the growth from last season has lead to changes in the girls’ lives.

Han Ye-ri (Age of Youth) will reprise her role as Yoon Jin-myoung, now a stylish careerwoman still coming to terms with her previous lifestyle as a college student full of hardship and poverty. Han Seung-yeon (Age of Youth) will be a more subdued and fearful Jung Ye-eun, due to her trauma from her abusive boyfriend last season. Park Eun-bin (Father, I’ll Take Care of You) will return as Song Ji-won, the boy-crazy, awkward but lovable single gal.

Then, we have our two new faces: Choi Ara as Jo Eun, the mysterious “Tall One,” and Ji-woo as Yoo Eun-jae (originally played by Park Hye-soo in season one), the maknae who broke up with her sunbae boyfriend played by Shin Hyun-soo (Ruler—Master of the Mask).