Park Hyung Sik Admits His True Feelings For Park Bo Young


None can deny that Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik exhibited some unique chemistry between each other during their romance in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.’ Now, Park Hyung Sik has come forward with his true feelings for Park Bo Young and discusses the on-screen romance.

Park Hyung Sik was confidently able to express his true feelings for Park Bo Young that his words instantly melted fans hearts! “Park Bo Young noona, I really loved you. You were that loveable. You were truly Bong Soon. Because you were the perfect Bong Soon, it was so natural for me to love you. I wanted to love you more but I’m sad it’s over.”¬†

Their natural on-screen and off-screen chemistry became a huge topic among fans who shipped the couple endless due to their endearing yet quirky nature and relationship. Dating rumors did arise, but the two stars never acted on them. However, Park Hyung Sik continue to profess his love for Park Bo Young by admitting he only starred in the drama because of her!

“I thought I would be foolish to miss this opportunity, so I agreed to star. But later on I found out my partner would be Park Bo Young. That’s when I thought I definitely had to do this. Everyone around me was envious.” Perhaps we almost had another¬†‘Descendants of The Sun’ romance in the making?

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