Which K-Pop Idol Is Said To Look Like The Korean Ryan Gosling?


Ryan Gosling is one fine stud as well as one of America’s hottest and most handsome actors around. However, there have been reports of a Korean look-a-like and it turns out to be a popular K-Pop idol!

During an airing of ‘Cultwo Show,’ DJ Dongwan of Shinwha was filling in for the original host Kim Tae Kyun and Ravi of VIXX was a special guest on August 31st. During their interview, Dongwan suddenly stated that VIXX’s Ravi bares a shocking resemblance to the fine Ryan Gosling.

Dongwan stated, “You look like the foreign actor Ryan Gosling. I saw Ravi on stage in the past, and I thought Ryan Gosling came to our country’s ‘Music Bank‘.” Ravi, including listeners, began to laugh and he replied saying, “In the beginning of the year, I ran into Dongwan sunbae, and I’m thankful he thinks highly of me.” Maybe due to Ravi’s good looks? 

Fans, however, expressed their disbelief in Dongwan’s words saying, “Pwouhhahahahahahahahahahahah what ?????” and “What a reach. Imagine seeing Ravi’s face while watching the notebook? Umm nope.” Some other fans pointed out that they both have the same head line and long nose shape as well. Do you see any shocking resemblances between the two celebrities?

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