Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sept. 4-10, 2017

Falsify saw the highest numbers it’s seen since it first began premiering, though it still hasn’t managed to beat its own record of 12.6%. And while new limited series Argon is premiering the same days but in a different time slot, the shows don’t sound all that dissimilar, with both tackling what goes on in the newsroom. For its part though, Argon is already pulling in decent-ish numbers, but it remains to be seen if tvN can successfully resuscitate a time slot that once pulled in gold.

Over in the middle of the week, Hospital Ship set a new record for itself at 13.0%, which now seems to fit with all the hype. Whether it’ll be able to sustain it or not is up in the air, but the competition is admittedly weak—Manhole may as well be premiering in a manhole at this point, and Reunited Worlds seems comfortable hovering below the 7% marker.

I’ll be interested to know if SBS keeps its double slot on Saturdays now, since Sister Is Alive is the network’s second foray into a time slot without competition (for the second half). It amazes me each week that the first episode pulls in practically nothing for a weekend slot, while the second episode pulls in primetime weekend numbers, but without any primetime competition. I’m not watching, but do they deliberately save all the good stuff for the second episode, because it would make no sense to waste it on the episode that hardly anyone watches?

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sept. 4-10, 2017

Ep. # Station Rating
Monday, Sept. 4
School 2017 15 KBS 4.1%
The King Loves 29 MBC 5.7%
The King Loves 30 MBC 6.0%
Falsify 25 SBS 10.0%
Falsify 26 SBS 11.6%
Argon 1 tvN 2.5%
Tuesday, Sept. 5
School 2017 16 KBS 4.6%
The King Loves 31 MBC 6.6%
The King Loves 32 MBC 7.3%
Falsify 27 SBS 10.3%
Falsify 28 SBS 12.2%
Argon 2 tvN 2.9%
Wednesday, Sept. 6
Manhole 9 KBS 2.2%
Hospital Ship 5 MBC 10.3%
Hospital Ship 6 MBC 11.8%
Reunited Worlds 29 SBS 5.1%
Reunited Worlds 30 SBS 6.6%
Criminal Minds 13 tvN 2.2%
Thursday, Sept. 7
Manhole 10 KBS 1.8%
Hospital Ship 7 MBC 11.3%
Hospital Ship 8 MBC 13.0%
Reunited Worlds 31 SBS 5.7%
Reunited Worlds 32 SBS 6.4%
Criminal Minds 14 tvN 2.9%
Friday, Sept. 8
Age of Youth 2 5 JTBC 2.2%
Strongest Deliveryman 11 KBS 5.8%
Saturday, Sept. 9
My Golden Life 3 KBS 22.4%
Strongest Deliveryman 12 KBS 6.9%
Man Who Sets the Table 3 MBC 5.9%
Thief-nom, Thief-nim 35 MBC 8.0%
Sister Is Alive 43 SBS 9.7%
Sister Is Alive 44 SBS 17.7%
Age of Youth 2 6 JTBC 2.8%
Rescue Me 11 OCN 2.6%
Live Up to Your Name 9 tvN 6.0%
Sunday, Sept. 10
My Golden Life 4 KBS
Man Who Sets the Table 4 MBC
Thief-nom, Thief-nim 36 MBC
Rescue Me 12 OCN
Live Up to Your Name 10 tvN


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