YG Entertainment certainly has dished several surprises and heartaches this year, but a fresh face has emerged from the prestigious hip hop label, and he’s here to add some diversity to YG’s growing family. Jung Jae Won, simply known as ONE, debuted in July and has since been garnering many fans because of his deep, smooth voice, charisma, and undeniably good looks. Here are things you might have missed about this budding star:

ONE almost joined WINNER

When member Nam Tae Hyun decided to leave the group last October, Yang Hyun Suk was seriously considering having ONE fill in his shoes. According to a statement released by a YG source, “Yang Hyun Suk was worried about the empty position in the group. Many meetings were held regarding the empty spot and what solutions were available.”

Being the lead vocalist of the group, Nam Tae Hyun left quite a big hole in WINNER; YG’s top choice was ONE, because he was certain that ONE would add a totally new flavor to WINNER’s concept, but he decided to trust in the end that WINNER would do just fine.

The source continued, “ONE was meant to release his solo debut track on July 11, and everything for his solo project was complete. It would’ve been a waste to completely scrap his solo project.”

He debuted in 2015 as a member of the hip hop duo 1PUNCH with Samuel Kim

The duo debuted under D-Business Entertainment and Brave Entertainment on January 23 with the release of “Turn Me Back,” which is the title track of 1PUNCH’s album “The Anthem.” Their concept was “old school hip hop,” re-introducing ’90s music to K-pop, even though ONE was only 21 at the time while Samuel was only 14. Unfortunately, the group didn’t get enough traction and disbanded after eight months.

But everything worked out in the end; ONE is experiencing success as a solo artist, not to mention Samuel Kim, whose popularity blew up after he participated in “Produce 101 Season 2.”

Check out their debut MV here: